Why Donate:

Humanitarian Eyecare:

  • Ethiopia: The ASCRS Foundation is working with the Himalayan Cataract Program to improve physician training, and our  Robert Sinskey Eye Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, treated over 13,000 patients in 2012.
  • China: In partnership with Project Vision, the ASCRS Foundation operates three cataract surgery training centers that are preparing the next generation of Chinese ophthalmologists to work in over 100 rural cataract clinics.
  • Research: The ASCRS Foundation provides early funding for promising ideas. The foundation has awarded over $450,000 to further these first-step studies into all areas of eye disease and treatment.
  • Awareness/Education: Through its Eye Surgery Education Council, the foundation provides accurate, unbiased information to educate both the public and media about the benefits of modern ophthalmology.