Why Donate:

Humanitarian Eyecare:

  • Ethiopia: The ASCRS Foundation is working with the Himalayan Cataract Program to improve physician training, and our  Robert Sinskey Eye Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, treated over 13,000 patients in 2012.
  • China: In partnership with Project Vision, the ASCRS Foundation operates three cataract surgery training centers that are preparing the next generation of Chinese ophthalmologists to work in over 100 rural cataract clinics.
  • Research: The ASCRS Foundation provides early funding for promising ideas. The foundation has awarded over $450,000 to further these first-step studies into all areas of eye disease and treatment.
  • Awareness/Education: Through its Eye Surgery Education Council, the foundation provides accurate, unbiased information to educate both the public and media about the benefits of modern ophthalmology. 
  • Operation Sight: Operation Sight is the ASCRS Foundation's U.S.-based charitable cataract surgery program. It involves a nationwide network of ASCRS surgeons who provide care to those unable to access or afford surgery on their own. Since its launch in late 2014, Operation Sight has delivered over 900 free surgeries through 248 volunteers.