Global Sight Alliance

In partnership with the ASCRS Foundation and others, the Global Sight Alliance acts as a centralized, global portal for the cataract blindness community of NGOs, clinical researchers, ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals.

The Global Sight Alliance is formed with the purpose of centralizing education and communication about cataract blindness treatment including:

  • Volunteer opportunities – Matching volunteers with organizations looking for help
  • Evidence based studies – An online library of key studies and articles relating to cataract surgery and MSICS in the Developing World setting.
  • Blogs and reports from doctors on the front lines – Volunteers share their experiences with other interested individuals, and engage newly-interested health care professionals
  • Resources for planning support trips – Information and help for those planning a support trip.
  • Educational libraries – Including surgical teaching videos and lectures, PPT presentations, and non-scientific published articles
  • Links to pertinent agencies and other organizations' websites
  • Discussion groups – through a listserv format that facilitates online discussion and advice