The ASCRS Foundation works to support physician education and to provide humanitarian cataract surgery in the United States and Africa. Through its programs and partnerships the foundation works to maximize the benefits of modern ophthalmology and to treat thousands of needy patients both at home and abroad.

Programs and Goals

The ASCRS Foundation’s purpose and goal is to serve as a vehicle for the advancement of ophthalmology. The foundation accomplishes this through its work in two distinct areas:

Humanitarian Eyecare

The ASCRS Foundation recognizes ophthalmology’s responsibility to the Developing World and to needy American patients, and supports several ongoing humanitarian programs. The foundation’s Robert Sinskey Eye Institute is a permanent, full-service medical/surgical facility which treats over 17,000 patients annually. Through its Operation Sight network of organizations and volunteer surgeons, the foundation provides the administrative and financial support needed to deliver more than 200 charitable surgeries in the United States each year.

Physician Education

The ASCRS Foundation provides physician education through live, volunteer, and web-based efforts, both in the United States and the Developing World. These include a clinical rotation for Ethiopian residents-in-training at the foundation’s Robert Sinskey Eye Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and support for American educational meetings, webinars, and enduring materials.

Phaco Fundamentals Classroom
The Phaco Fundamentals Classroom is the ASCRS Foundation’s educational website for residents and beginning phaco surgeons.

Cataract Master
The ASCRS Foundation supports the use of the Cataract Master phaco surgery simulation software at 19 U.S. resident programs.

Project Vision
The ASCRS Foundation works with Project Vision in China to support cataract surgeon training at four Chinese teaching hospitals.

Global Sight Alliance
The ASCRS Foundation partners with GSA to develop strategies for global cataract blindness.

Grants and Awards
2016 marks the ASCRS Foundation’s 13th consecutive year making research grants and the 7th year for the resident excellence awards. In total, the foundation has provided over $750,000 to fund studies and support the advancement of young ophthalmologists.