Operation Sight

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos of illness or disease in the developing world—the need is immense. But many forget that there is a similar need right here at home.

Although they often go unnoticed, many poor Americans still fall outside the traditional safety
nets. The future is especially bleak for those cataract patients who lack private insurance and are ineligible for government care.

Vision loss from cataract has a tremendous impact on those living in poverty. The economic and cultural stigmas associated with poor vision greatly limits employment and educational opportunities. And when family members of the visually impaired become caretakers, their economic future is also jeopardized.

The ASCRS Foundation’s Operation Sight program offers a solution for Americans in need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

Operation Sight is the ASCRS Foundation’s U.S.-based charitable cataract surgery program. Its mission is to eliminate treatable cataract blindness in the United States. By leveraging the combined strength of established charitable organizations and ASCRS-member volunteer surgeons, Operation Sight is providing needed care to those unable to access or afford surgery.

How does it work?

Operation Sight centralizes patient processing and provides the financial support necessary to offset the cost of charitable care. Many ophthalmologists are interested in charitable surgery, but are unsure just how to begin. Operation Sight offers the personnel and resources needed to:

  • Identify patients in your community
  • Collect and complete the significant paperwork associated with a charitable case
  • Schedule the pre-op exams
  • Deliver a fully vetted patient to your practice for surgery
  • Provide a financial stipend to help offset the cost of providing care

Our Network

The Operation Sight network includes established charitable organizations and ASCRS member volunteer surgeons. Whether treating many patients or just one, the members of the Operation Sight network have a direct, positive impact on the lives of those in their community.

Our growing network includes:

  • Operation Sight (SC)
  • Moran Eye Center (UT)
  • University Hospitals (OH)
  • Operation Access (CA)
  • Surgical Care Affiliates
  • AMSURG (Nationwide)
  • Vision Harvest (NJ)
  • OneWorld Community Health Centers (NE)
  • Minnesota Eye Foundation (MN)
  • And many individual ASCRS-member practices

Operation Sight Participating Surgeons


Balamurali Ambati, MD Leonardo Decannay, MD
Edwin Apenbrinck, MD Neel Desai, MD
Jeffrey Arnoult, MD Prajay Dhir, MD
Omar Awad, MD Delores Diaz, MD
Bill Barlow, MD Jesse A. Dovich, MD
Gary Barth, MD Alan Downie, MD
Steven Dunn, MD Louise Doyle, MD
Matthew Bedell, MD Michael Drinnan, MD
Dan Beers, MD Daniel Eichenbaum, MD
Charles Beischel, MD Samih Elchahal, MD
Monroe Benaim, MD Brad Elkins, MD
Peter D. Bekendam, MD Thomas Elmer, MD
John Boatwright, MD Heath Ergas, MD
Julie Boehm, MD Robert Fabricant, MD
Berdine Burger, MD Michael Farbowitz, MD
Glenn Campbell, MD Robert Feldman, MD
Kent Carlson, MD Mohammed ElMallah, MD
Ronald Caronia, MD Susan Fish, MD
Bruce Cassidy, MD Bret Fisher, MD
David Chang, MD Mike Ford, MD
Victor Chang, MD J. Brian Foster, MD
Alice Cheng-Bennett, MD Eric Fry, MD
Andrea S. Ching, MD Arthur Fu, MD
Robert Cionni, MD Roger C. Furlong, MD
William Clifford, MD Trent L. Vande Garde, MD
Sander Cohen, MD Valerie Garden, MD
Michael Colvard, MD Daniel Glantz, MD
Floyd Cornell, MD Lisa Graham, MD
Alan Crandall, MD Charity Grannis, MD
Charles Crane, MD Charlene Grice, MD
Richard David, MD David Gross, DO
Jonathan Davidorf, MD Howard Gross, MD
Elizabeth Davis, MD Peter Gruenberg, MD
Peter Debry, MD Scott M. Guess


John Haines, MD Mark Monacha, MD
Steven Hansen, MD Chad M. Nedrud, MD
David Hardten, MD Thomas Newland, MD
Jason Hendrix, MD David Letbetter, MD
Mila J. Heersink, MD John Lim, MD
Paul Herring, MD Amy Lin, MD
Clay D. Holley, MD Sean Liston, MD
Jeffrey Hong, MD, MBA Jeffrey Liu, MD
Lydia Hsu, MD Susan Macdonald, MD
Kevin Hulseberg, MD Nick Mamalis, MD
Kerry Hunt, MD Cathleen McCabe, MD
Judith Kirby, MD David P. McCann, MD
Jacek G. Kotowski, MD Scott Mcknight, MD
Christine Larsen, MD Edward Meier, MD
Richard Lindstrom, MD Seth Meskin, MD
Domenic Izzo, MD Ken Miller, MD
Adrian Jachens, MD Bernard Milstein, MD
Daniel Jenkins, MD Naureen Mizra-George, MD
Tyrie Jenkins, MD Steven Montgomery, MD
James Jochum, MD James G. Nachbar, MD
Carol Johnston, MD Julio Narvaez, MD
Kevin Jong, MD Myhanh Nguyen, MD
Zachary Joos, MD Richard Ou, MD
Curtis Jordan, MD Ken Otto, MD
Christian Kim, MD Harry Pappas, MD
Jennifer Kim, MD Parag Parekh, MD
Ravinderan Krishnan, MD David Park, MD
John Kulze, MD Ross Parks, MD
Stephen Lane, MD Reena Patel, MD
Kelly Larkin, MD Matthew Perez, MD
Bill Lee, MD Jeff Pettey, MD
James Lehmann, MD Corinna Pokorny, MD
Jeffrey Lehmer, MD Scott Pomerantz, MD
Monte Leidenix, MD Mitchell Porias, MD
Hilary Lerner, MD Kristopher Pugh, MD


William Quayle, MD Kerry Solomon, MD
Vadrevu K. Raju, MD Jay Starling, MD
Matthew Ralstin, MD William Stewart, MD
Tushar Ranchod, MD John Swan, MD
E. Franklin Rawlings, MD Stephen Tanaka, MD
Tushina Reddy, MD Robert Taylor, MD
Sherman Reeves, MD Justus Thomas, MD
Robert Reuther, MD Elaine Thung, MD
Robert Rice, MD Brian Tienor, MD
Trent Richards, MD Richard Tipperman, MD
Patrick Riedel, MD Nadia Torres, MD
Mark Rolain, MD David Tremblay, MD
Justin Roman, MD Da-Thuy Van, MD
Richmond E. Roseke, MD Louis Verstringhe, MD
Kenneth Rosenthal, MD Catherine Wang, MD
Jahangir Sadeghi, MD Andy Watkins, MD
Andrew Salem, MD Charles Weber, MD
Thomas Samuelson, MD Arthur Weinstein, MD
Poorab Sangani, MD Robert Weinstock, MD
Wagih Satar, MD Stephen Weinstock, MD
Leslie Scarlett, MD Dan Whipple, MD
Stephen Scoper, MD Nahnoli Williams, MD
Sonja Schluter, MD John Wood, MD
Jahangir Sedeghi, MD Elizabeth Yeu, MD
Adeel Shaikh, MD Joshua Young, MD
John Shin, MD Fiaz Zaman, MD
Julius Shulman, MD Brian Zaugg, MD
Cary Silverman, MD Stewart Zuckerbrod, MD
Snow Slade, MD  

Your Part

Additional ASCRS-member volunteer surgeons are needed to expand the Operation Sight network across the United States. To become a member of the Operation Sight network, simply call the ASCRS Foundation at (703) 591-2220 or email info@ascrsfoundation.org.

Submit an Operation Sight Volunteer Surgeon Registration Form.